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for Travel Agencies:
Attract new customers by integrating technology to the existing traditional travel business - eFQ-Agent helps agencies to become a hosted travel agency. It allows businesses to do everything they need to do to meet the needs of its customers while still being in control of their business.

Independent travel agencies need technology that can help them make profit, and save money while doing what they do best-selling travel and serving their customers. TTS Solutions is one of the global-leading travel technology provider delivering solutions with travel agencies and suppliers in mind. With flexible, easy-to-use technology and the customized tools, agencies will be able to provide their customers with the superior service that will set them apart from the competition.

How travel agencies can benefit from eFQ-Agent?

  • Automate and Increase Productivity:
    Travel corporations will increase their overall efficiency by automating their key travel processes. eFQ-Agent helps agencies to concentrate on performance drives, prompt collection and distribution of fare and reservation information.
  • Save Money & Make Profit:
    eFQ-Agent enables agencies to reduce operational costs and the risk of processing errors. It's built in modules enable: travel agencies to provide excellent services to their customers, greater use of consolidator data, and rules enforcement at the point of sale.
  • Scalable Solutions:
    eFQ-Agent offers scalable solutions and a choice-based approach, allowing travel agencies to select and pay for the tools that are found most valuable and suitable for their unique needs. Corporations can select no matter which from standard apps to fully customized solutions.

eFQ Solutions


eFQ-Supplier: for Travel Suppliers:
It's time for the travel suppliers to meet the demands of the changing marketplace by integrating their travel expertise with the information technology. eFQ-Supplier keeps the complex technology in the back-end to forefront the easy to use web-based application with administration and client interfaces that will increase the control and provide suppliers with better cost savings.More Info