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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Identify customer requirements more effectively for target market.
In today's world, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the key to managing any successful travel business. It helps businesses identify the customer preferences and assists establish a long lasting relationship. eFareQuest is integrated with robust and sophisticated reporting functionality that delivers business intelligence and facilitates sales and compliance processes, supporting better, faster decisions. Travel suppliers can improve customer satisfaction and retention, promising good standing in the marketplace by raising the efficiency and decreasing total cost of sales.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Faster, fact-based decision making.
eFareQuest integrates traditional travel corporations with Business Intelligence (BI) for simplifying and augmenting the use of content within a business. Information is gathered from different systems like CRM or ERP within the agency to standardize and present to agents or business users in a useful format. Information is presented using dashboards, navigated using 'slice and dice' methods and researched on with data mining and estimating tools. Integrating plan and actual data permits a performance management framework to be built, with analytics distributed throughout the business.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Easily manage the data entry process of creating, editing and publishing content.
eFareQuest assists travel corporations to secure a robust and quality CMS to streamline its fares and rules publishing processes. With eFareQuest agencies are equipped with information architecture that is strong, reliable and yet flexible allowing them to administer their content efficiently and cost-effectively. Businesses can track consolidators, airlines, travel suppliers to find out who, and how fast content is being published, whether the publication fares and rules are being adhered to, whether outdated content is being removed on time.


eFQ-Agent: for Travel Agencies:
Attract new customers by integrating technology to the existing traditional travel business - eFQ-Agent helps agencies to become a hosted travel agency. It allows businesses to do everything they need to do to meet the needs of its customers while still being in control of their business. More Info


eFQ-Supplier: for Travel Suppliers:
It's time for the travel suppliers to meet the demands of the changing marketplace by integrating their travel expertise with the information technology. eFQ-Supplier keeps the complex technology in the back-end to forefront the easy to use web-based application with administration and client interfaces that will increase the control and provide suppliers with better cost savings. More Info